A new season. It all starts fresh today with new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities, and new opportunities for new stars, new heroes, and new champions to emerge over the next few months. May this season be filled with new experiences, new places, new knowledge, new friendships, and new memories that we can hold onto for a … Continue reading #CapsOn

Top 10 List

On September 12th, in celebration of my parent's 40th wedding anniversary (WOW!), the 3 of us took a weekend road trip to Phoenix, AZ for the Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks game! (One of the perks of being an only child is that I get included on most of the major celebratory trips and outings. Thanks, Mom and … Continue reading Top 10 List

Bucket List

On Father's Day, my mom and I gifted my Dad with a bucket list... literally. A blue beach bucket and a rolled up paper with a list on it! The list, of course, contained the names of all 30 MLB stadiums with check boxes next to each one. The only boxes checked were an indication of where we were taking him … Continue reading Bucket List


As the cultural center of the American entertainment industry, people visiting Los Angeles dream of seeing celebrities at every turn upon arrival in the City of Angels. Well, truth be told, it is not uncommon to spot celebrities driving down the street, shopping at the local farmers market, walking their kids to school, or taking in a concert at … Continue reading Tinseltown