My 2015 ASG Votes

Would love to see my man Ethier back on the ASG field! Loved cheering him on at the 2010 ASG in Anaheim!
Loved cheering on my man Ethier at the 2010 ASG in Anaheim!

It’s that time of year again to vote your favorites in for the MLB All-Star Game! Although my favorite part of the ASG festivities is the Home Run Derby, I still enjoy watching the game and seeing the best of the best play together for bragging rights and home field advantage at the World Series.

To be fair to the process, I did my best to take away personal bias and made my selections based on merit – considering each player’s 2015 stats and highlight reel-worthy performances. To prove my point, I’ve included links to videos for several of the players that I voted for. I think you’ll agree that these clips pedestal the players’ flair, skill, expertise, and “it” factors that make them #ASGworthy.

Disclaimer: As you have gotten to know me by reading this blog, you may have noticed that I am an Andre Ethier fan. And you will probably notice as you read further that he is NOT on my All-Star ballot. I had to go with my gut on this one, not personal bias. No one can argue with Stanton and Harper’s place on this list (watching Stanton hit the ball out of Dodger Stadium last week sealed the deal for me on this one). But in a Young Joc vs. Dre battle for the start of 2015, I have to give the Rookie advantage on this one. (I will most likely save a few of my votes for an Ethier write-in. He has played an excellent season so far and his presence on the ASG field would not disappoint – in performance or wickedly handsome good looks!)

So, without further ado, here is my 2015 MLB All-Star Game Ballot:


NL – A. Gonzalez | LAD

AL – M. Cabrera | DET


NL – D. Gordon | MIA

AL – J. Altuve | HOU


NL – A. Hechavarria | MIA

AL – M. Semien | OAK


NL – T. Frazier | CIN

AL – J. Donaldson | TOR


NL – Y. Grandal | LAD

AL – S. Vogt | OAK


AL – N. Cruz | SEA



  1. J. Pederson | LAD
  2. G. Stanton | MIA
  3. B. Harper | WSH


  1. M. Trout | LAA
  2. Ramirez | BOS
  3. Hunter | MIN
My 2015 NL ASG Selections
My 2015 NL ASG Selections
My 2015 AL ASG Selections
My 2015 AL ASG Selections

Can’t wait to see who takes the field on July 14 at the 86th All-Star Game at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati!

Anyone have an extra ticket? 🙂

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